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A Day in the Twitter Account

Sung to the tune of “A Day in the Life” (copyright © 1967 by the Beatles).

I read a tweet today, oh boy,
About those lucky anchors at CNN.
It said their news was rather fake,
But I just had to laugh.
I read the epitaph.

He blew our minds with crazy deeds,
Misogynistic tweets from his account.
A crowd of people running scared,
Are Russians on the beach?
Nobody was really sure
If someday soon he’ll be impeached.

I saw a press conference, oh boy.
The Prez had just met with that Russian dude.
A crowd of people holding mics,
But I knew what’d he say.
We’re all gonna pay.
I’d love to have him gone.

Woke up, turned on the news,
Insulted women, blacks, and Jews.
Found my old cell phone and sent a tweet,
Oh it was sweet, but I must get to work.

Walked in the door, waved to the spooks,
Looked at the button for the nukes.
I won’t press it yet, but maybe soon,
Maybe high noon, maybe sooner than you think.

I read a tweet today, oh boy.
It said that John Podesta is to blame.
And though the tweet was rather strange,
It isn’t hope and change,
Now we know how many tweets it takes to seem like you’re deranged.
I’d love to have him gone.